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If you are searching for an application tape, you have come to the right place where to find it. Multifoil is a specialist when it comes to manufacturing pressure sensitive adhesives. They believe that a self-adhesive tape for instance should do what it says it will do. However, it isn’t always easy to find the right adhesive. They specialize in analyzing all the major factors that cause success for an adhesive and are challenged on a daily basis by their international customers with bonding issues. Thanks to years of know-how and experience Multifoil can provide you with the most reliable solutions.

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Adhesives have taken over many of the functions of traditional bonding, even in the automotive industry. Around 10 percent of the adhesive production goes into automobile manufacturing. Between 12 and 18 kilograms of adhesive are used for manufacturing a car today. The weight of a car can be lowered by using adhesives instead of traditional bonding methods. Adhesive tape for a roof is used for sunroofs or panoramic sunroofs. This is rubber tape water resistant. These tapes are ideally suited to the challenges of convertible roof systems and the rubber tape strips creates a waterproof and airtight barrier. The rubber roof tape also remains flexible to extremely low temperatures and had a high outside durability. Multifoil also offers a hot melt roofing system, but what is a hot melt roof actually? A hot melt membrane is applied to a deck to create a seamless layer. It is suitable for new build flat roofing applications.

Adhesive tape roof

If you need and adhesive that is suitable for bonding and lamination of various materials, you should consider transfer tapes. There are transfer tapes without carrier and tapes without release liner. These adhesive tapes without carrier are ideal for wide and large-scale laminations and many other industrial applications. The tape has an adhesive layer that is solvent free and it is installation-friendly. It has a high tack to polar and non-polar surfaces and it is typically available in widths from a certain measure. However, the slitting machinery enables Multifoil to convert huge rolls of tape into the width and length that you require. Therefore, bespoke sizes tape are available at Multifoil. They can slit tapes into many different shapes and sizes and widths and lengths. You could also chose to use double-sided film tapes, these self-adhesive films are mainly used for industrial applications and also suitable for bonding various materials.

You may have experienced that it is not easy to find the best adhesive for the job. Nowadays a wide range of industries is using adhesives as part of its production process. Adhesives are used in the packaging industry, but also by manufacturers of airplanes, cars and skyscrapers. Which type of adhesive you need to use depends on the type of material you desire to bond. Please tell Multifoil your requirements and they will offer you the best solution for your bonding needs.

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