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Airtight construction with double sided tape

When most people think about the construction materials for a building envelope, they probably thing of plywood seating, hammer and nails and 2x4s. Using double sided tape for sealing up a building envelope might seem like a messy solution in comparison to other construction methods. But nothing could be further from the truth. Sealing your building envelope is one of the best ways to reduce households’ energy use and carbon footprint. We lately often get the question: 'Which double sided tape for airtight building do I need to use?’. A really good airtightness is required for the passive house standard.

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Double sided sealing tape offers a practical, efficient and easy-to-use solution to improve a home its airtightness. Passive homes are considered to be the leading standard for energy efficiency and healthy air quality indoor. With the constantly rising gas prices, it is very important to invest in airtight construction. You need to eliminate even the smallest potential sites of air leaks. Whether you are building a new home or want to improve your home its energy efficiency and thermal performance, a high quality self-adhesive tape should be on your shopping list.

Double sided automotive tape

Things to keep in mind during airtight building

The building envelope is super important for airtight building. All the cracks, gaps and fissures around a house allow the conditioned air inside a house to escape. This means every time you need to drill or screw (penetration for utilities), it causes a small gap in your building envelope which can lead to changes in the house indoor temperature. Many people think that building envelope leaks come from gaps around door and window frames, but it often occurs in the harder to spot areas like between roof and wall assembly. Opt for super insulated envelopes to make sure your house is airtight.

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Why double sided tape for air-tight building?

Our double sided tape is designed to seal overlaps, gaps and connections between two materials. Our tapes offer permanent and airtight bonding between different surfaces, layers and other building systems. Thanks to the sealing tape you have a lightweight strategy to seal building joints and overlaps. You also will assure the maximum airtightness for your passive house construction. And by using tape to reduce air leaks, you will undoubtedly reduce monthly energy bills.

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