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Certified Smac tape for airtight construction

When it comes to construction methods, nothing beats airtight building at reducing energy use and improving insulation. With the quality of the innovative low emission tape Multifoil produces, airtight construction strongly improves energy efficiency. To beat higher gas prices, there is a growing importance of proper airtight insulation in your house. Multifoil’s Smac tape is certified with EMICODE® EC1+. This means that our certified Smac tape meets and follows environmental regulations in construction. Our high quality low emission tapes are up to the task! Looking for a certified EMICODE® EC 1 plus double side sealtape? Multifoil offers high quality products, tailor-made advice and thoughtful service to the professional market.

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Low emission tapes for carbon neutral buildings

Proper airtight building starts by finding all the cracks, gaps, holes and fissures in your house. Every hole you ever drilled to hang up a painting, each area between the roof and wall assemblies that’s hard to see. Air escapes from your house in many different ways. Multifoil’s low emission tape helps by making all these holes airtight. Without holes and cracks to escape from, the insulation will show a strong improvement. Warmth will remain in the house better and longer. Save energy and expect a huge reduction on energy bills. Save money, save the world.

SMAC 5701 EC1+ certified tape

Our EMICODE® EC 1 plus certified Smac tape brings the future closer

Our tapes offer a permanent solution by connecting two materials with each other. So different building systems are connected, with any surface or layer. Our Smac tape was rewarded an EMICODE® EC1+ certificate, which is the highest possible class in the EMICODE® system. The strict limit values are higher than even the EC1 class. EMICODE® EC 1 plus certified Smac tape by Multifoil has proven to be the best in its kind and sets a model for the future. An environmentally aware future. Carbon neutral buildings are already possible!

Emicode EC1+ certification

Protect from moisture with our tape

Books, electronics, furniture and humans. So many things need a dry place to thrive in. By using our Smac tape to seal the cracks and holes in the house, unwanted moisture will remain outside too. A reduced chance of fungus and water damage to your building and household effects. The life expectancy of your books, sofa and television will increase and the air you breathe will be cleaner and clearer. Multifoil’s EMICODE® EC 1 plus certified Smac tape is an innovative product that has been developed specially to make airtight building easier and environmentally safe. Reducing the carbon footprint of any household immensely is possible, and affordable.

Multifoil clears the air

The EMICODE® EC 1 plus certificate is a big achievement. Multifoil is invested in innovation and a cleaner environment. By using our certified Smac tape the indoor air will be cleaner and clearer, with low emissions from installation and construction materials. High-performance double sided sealing tape is essential to any building envelope. Improve thermal performance, energy efficiency and even noise reduction in any building. Do you need help, advice or support? Our experienced specialists offer expert advice and professional tips to make airtight construction effective and affordable.

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