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Are you looking for help with adhesion to difficult surfaces? Multifoil is here to help you

Multifoil B.V. is a specialist when it comes to adhesion to difficult surfaces. It does not matter whether the surfaces you work with are rough, curved, oily, or are just difficult to cling on to, the adhesive solutions that Multifoil has to offer have outstanding adhesion properties and can tackle any of your adhesion troubles. Their narrow web coating units are perfect for specialty applications and joining substrate. For industrial enterprises we offer adhesives such as industrial clear tape and also industrial adhesive labels.

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The advantages of adhesive beads

Difficult-to-bond substrates often have the common feature of low surface energy, which causes materials with a higher surface energy to bead up. This means the adhesive will not be able to cover the surface effectively. Surface treatment is one of the traditional solutions to the energy dissimilarity problems and can result in a 30% adhesion improvement. These surface treatments can however be costly. Multifoil is one of the adhesive companies that sought out to come up with adhesive solutions to these difficulties and has come up with innovative new adhesive beads with a superior formula. These adhesive beads are especially formulated to bond to difficult surfaces after only cleaning of the lose particles. This technology is ideal for industrial companies that face production challenges by effectively bonding materials with difficult surfaces while saving the time and costs of complex surface treatments.

Difficult surface adhesive tapes

The adhesive beads can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as in building and construction, the production of cable gutters and floor trims, and for other industrial applications. The beads for adhesion to difficult surfaces are also very popular in agricultural applications due to their superb adhesion to substrates that have a low energy surface, like PE/Pp and because they have a high viscoelasticity. The adhesive beads are used for joining substrate. The adhesive beads are also ideal for aluminium extrusion profiles. Those extrusion profiles are used to cover the surface of carpet joints of thresholds and it is important those structures that the beads do not contaminate the surface of the carpet. Multifoil has engineered the beads in such a way that this is avoided while they still make a solid bond with the material.

When you are in need of adhesive solutions for industrial applications, standard products often do not do the trick. Multifoil can deliver the adhesive or tape you need in almost any shape imaginable and thus can offer you the tailored solutions you are looking for. Multifoil is one of the best adhesion experts in the market and where other adhesive manufacturers give up, we go further to find the solution to your bonding needs you are looking for.

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