Tape for roofs and facades

Tapes for roof,
window & facades

Tapes for roof, window & facades

Self-adhesive tapes are used in all parts of the construction. They can be used to weatherproof the roof, windproof the facade or even to create an airtight construction. Construction tapes are a great way to bond many different substrates and are used to join and seal different kinds of membranes for a lasting and high-quality construction. Instant adhesion without drying times and a lasting quality is crucial. Besides sealing, tapes offer a great way to fill out spaces within the construction and thereby reducing noise levels and increasing the comfort within a construction.

Sealing tape for roofs

Roofing tapes

A roof comes in a variety of shapes and designs, containing many different materials in order to form a stable structure. Those materials need to be bonded. We offer a variety of tapes that guarantee resilience against weather conditions, longevity, and resistance to UV rays.
Sealing tape for window frame

Tapes for window frames and trims

Window frames need to form a wind, water, and airtight seal for the rest of the building. We provide solutions that do just that. A perfect seal will reduce or even eliminate any unwanted airflow from the outside. Reducing any outside Noise. All of these qualities will increase living comfort.
Sealing tape for facade

Facade tapes

Our self-adhesive tapes for the facade help you form a weatherproof connection. They help with insulating the construction, making it water, wind, and weatherproof. We provide solutions for all sorts of materials used in the facade to form an airtight seal around the building envelope.

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Tapes are commonly used for the installation of roofs, windows and facades. We recognize the challenges of discovering the right tape, as it often involves extensive effort. Let us do the work!

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