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Multifoil: the adhesive specialist for your bonding needs

At Multifoil they know that finding the perfect adhesive tape for your application isn’t always as easy as it may sound. As an adhesive specialist they can guide you through a forest of tapes and offer you the best solutions for your bonding needs. In most cases this glue specialist can provide you with one of their adhesive tape brands like AntiDUST® tape or LINQ® tape. If that is not the case, they will still help you with a tailored solution or a worthy advice. Multifoil is able to customize widths and lengths of adhesive tapes for all your industrial applications. We have many industrial tape and label options to choose from and are also a distributor of tape spools and tape converters Netherlands. We offer you an extensive range of adhesives and have a wide variety in our adhesive label stock. Ask us for screen coating, and we can discuss if you need all-over screencoating or parts of the substrate covered.

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The growth of request for adhesive tape and the role of adhesive suppliers

Amongst the industrial adhesives companies, Multifoil is a manufacturer of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. This tape is used for many different applications and many more uses are discovered every day. The usage of tape, and also the diversity, will continue to grow as a solution to joining and fastening. This growth is due to the advances in adhesive technology, ease of use and its low costs compared to other traditional fastening systems. Our aggressive tape has a high tack even on rough surfaces. Many adhesive suppliers in the world do not only stick to pure taping, they produce many other bonding solutions like hot melt adhesives, coating, films and laminates. Hot melt adhesives for instance are now an integral part of the packaging industry. These adhesives are also used a lot for bookbinding jobs like binding magazines, hard copy albums, catalogs and more. Hot melt adhesives are also an important component of the automotive manufacturing industry. This is because the adhesive is perfect for bonds that demand flexibility for movements such as expansion and contraction. For instance bonding headlight covers into metal frames and even for wheel covers this adhesive is being used. We also see a high demand for thermal conductive adhesive, which is used to dissipate heat from power electronics. If you are looking for labelstock manufacturers, look no further. You can turn to Multifoil for seals and labels, label stock material like labelstock pp and labelstock pe. Multifoil is one of Europe's label stock rolls suppliers.

Hotmelt adhesive tape

Multifoil offers an adhesive tape for the bonding of façade sheets

What if you need to bond façade sheets windproof? Multifoil’s high performance adhesive tapes are exactly what you are looking then. These adhesive tape façade offers you a reliable bond strength, even when it is exposed to UV light. Not only is this façade tape UV-resistant, it also has a very high initial adhesion. The tape is very flexible and stretchable and it is perfect for weatherproof bonding of façade membranes. It meets all the requirements of airtight and thermal sealing. As said before, Multifoil produces standard roll sizes but don’t hesitate to ask for additional sizes.

Dots adhesive and dots glue

Our dots glue is a double-sided pressure sensitive adhesive that is faster and safer than other glue applicators. Dots adhesive is also faster than foam tape products and it is easier to dispense. The dots tape bonds instantly and is non-toxic. This DPI adhesive, which stands for dots per inch, bonds instantly to paper, wood, glass and more. DPI glue and DPI tape are perfect for small areas. Ask us about roll sizes and deliveries.

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