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Multifoil’s adhesive tape for concrete

Industrial companies find it often hard to find the best adhesive solutions when it comes to rough materials like concrete and it is often especially important to these companies that the adhesion allows for airtight building. Multifoil B.V. is a specialist when it comes to the type of self-adhesive tapes you are looking for in this area. The adhesive tape for concrete is extremely resilient, which makes it ideal for industrial applications. The tape can be used to mask rough surfaces such as concrete, masonry, and stone due to the airtight bonding to these materials. The tape is ideal for shutter joints when concreting or to buffer concrete and prefabricated concrete elements.

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Finding the right airtight bonding solutions

The industrial concrete adhesive tape is also the best choice for manufacturers producing products whose most important requirements are airtight connections and airtight adhesion. Vapor barrier sealing is done with double sided adhesive for concrete. The adhesive technology makes sure the sealed off area is impenetrable by air because of the superior adhesive power of the tape. The premium grade quality of the adhesive tape makes sure you can rely on the tape as the solution to all the bonding applications in the production process.

Adhesive tape for concrete

Solutions for manufacturers

Besides the applications on concrete, the adhesive tape can be used for joining substrate like rough material aswell. The bonding power of the adhesive tape on masonry gives another good illustration of the endless possibilities the tape has to offer. It does not matter whether you are a construction specialist or if you need an adhesion solution for an industrial company that demands airtight bonding, Multifoil can offer you the answer to your adhesive airtight bonding needs. Because of this quality the tape can be universally used for a wide range of sealing solutions such as the sealing of joints in structural engineering or in other applications. The adhesive tape is suitable for weatherproofing window constructions to make sure the bonding remains airtight. This tape also makes it sure that there is a thermal sealing between the window frame and the brickwork, mouldings, section fitting and backfilling.

Building airtight connections in roof applications

The adhesive tape can also offer perfect solutions to adhesive difficulties in roof applications. The tape can make sure that there is an airtight adhesion in roof windows, can make sure there is an airtight adhesion in roof tile seals and is an ideal solution in making air-tight connections on pitched roofs. In short, Multifoil’s adhesive tape for concrete offers premium grade solutions for a wide range of industry sectors.

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