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Looking for adhesive tape for fabric?

Whether you need adhesive tape for fabric, construction, packaging or renovation, Multifoil can offer reliable solutions for many manufacturers. Not only do they have the best solution, they also provide a great service. Whether you are looking for a strong, permanent bond or just a temporary and removable one, the tape needs to do what is said it will do. With Multifoil’s years of experience and analyzing the factors that lead to success or failure, you can expect a reliable answer.

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Which kinds of double sided adhesive tapes does Multifoil manufacture?

  • Transfer tapes with different adhesives and liners
  • Adhesive tape for fabric
  • Double sided toffee tape, especially for industrial applications
  • Double sided adhesive airtight tape that is suitable for pre-installation on hard substrates like wood and metal
  • Industrial strength tape which provides holding power for every kind of heavy duty application
  • Double sided industrial tapes that are designed for many different industrial purposes
Adhesive tape for fabric

What do transfer tapes offer?

An adhesive transfer tape is a pressure sensitive adhesive that you can easily apply on a surface. Pressure sensitive means that you need to press the adhesive a little bit in order to create a bond between two surfaces. As for adhesive tape for fabric, you need to press the adhesive to stimulate bonding. A transfer tape bonds two surfaces very quickly and it can be used manually or automatically. These tapes are developed to increase the production efficiency and they offer a great bonding solution. This tape is also very suitable when you want to bond lightweight materials like paper, plastic and clothes with an invisible and thin bond. Multifoil has also repositionable transfer tapes available. These can be removed and don’t leave any adhesive remains. In order to stop the glue form sticking to itself, it is stored within two layers of paper or plastic sheets, like you can find on many adhesive tapes. We also offer hot melt non woven fabrics, this allows faster assembly cycles.

Product features of transfer tape:

  • Solvent free tape
  • High tack, even to polar and non-polar surfaces
  • Easy to apply
  • Suitable for jointing of various materials

A double sided toffee tape is a high tack pressure sensitive double sided tape and is also solvent free. This tape is used for bonding polythene, edging, trims and signs. Even though it has a high adhesive strength, this tape also has some limitations. For instance, it offers limited resistance to UV light and high temperatures and it also not recommended to use this tape for shear applications. Double sided adhesive tapes are your perfect choice when it comes to bonding fabrics. This adhesive tape for fabric is also very sustainable.

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