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Which adhesive tape for wood do you need to buy?

When it comes down to tape, there is a large range of types, colors, sizes and adhesive strengths available on the market. Choosing the right tape depends on the kind of job you are undertaking. Did you know that wood has some unique properties that could prevent industrial wood adhesive from successfully attaching to it? Wood can expand due to temperature differences and moisture. To choose the right adhesive is even more important than the process of gluing wood. Multifoil are Dutch manufacturers of the most reliable self-adhesive tapes in Europe and they have the smartest adhesive solutions to meet all of your bonding needs. These tapes are for various applications and industries, even if you want to bond pieces of wood tightly together. Multifoil is a well-known specialist when it comes to adhesives for industrial applications. They even distribute to customers all over the world.

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Choosing the right industrial wood adhesive

Imagine that you are working on a dog house for your new pet. Since this doghouse will be standing outside, you need an adhesive tape for wood that provides good water resistance. You were not planning on using nails and screws because those can harm your pet and these things can corrode over time. This means that the adhesive tape needs to be weather proof, otherwise it is unfortunately not suitable for exterior use. Since Multifoil’s tape is water-resistant, it ensures performance for interior and exterior projects. It’s perfect for making a doghouse, but it is also a nice solution for gluing wood for many industrial purposes. It has a quick setting and is extra strong. Not only does the industrial wood adhesive dry quickly, it also makes strong joints. This wood tape excels on many hard woods such as oak, birch and maple.

Adhesive tape for wood

Adhesive tape for wood is suitable for:

  • Repairing wood furniture
  • Making wood furniture
  • Carpentry work
  • Cabinet making

When dry, the glue is resistant to varnishes, paints, and lacquers and sanding. The adhesive tape for wood bonds on industrial hardwoods and softwoods, plywood, hardboard, chipboard and other porous materials. So it doesn't matter what type of woodworking you have in mind, at Multifoil you are at the right address. As said before, they produce adhesive products designed for industrial customers. Their bonding tape offers a non-liquid solution, especially for industrial applications. This product is mostly used for applications like window construction, wood construction, framework and concrete construction.

Whether your production needs are big or small, Multifoil can get you large quantities of industrial wood adhesive or just some single cases for small applications. Multifoil’s wood glue is the best choice for any woodwork. If you are still questioning the type of adhesive you need to use for your wood project, they can help you with their experience and know-how in order to find the best solution for your bonding needs.

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