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Today’s businesses of an industrial adhesive manufacturer

Glue is one of the oldest materials that our ancestors made. These glues were made of collagend harvested from different animals like fishes and horses. The bones release collagen when boiled and this becomes very sticky but when it dries it becomes very hard. Centuries later, people learned how to create synthetic adhesives that can withstand more pressure and different heavy conditions. Nowadays you hardly can’t find any product in your surrounding that does not contain an adhesive. Take a closer look at your shoes for instance, the sole is probably glued with a weather and impact resistant adhesive made by an industrial manufacturer.

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Multifoil: An adhesive manufacturer located in the Netherlands

As an industrial adhesive manufacturer, Multifoil exactly understands its customer’s bonding needs and requirements and works hard to deliver the best solutions that are possible. They believe that a self-adhesive tape needs to do what it says it will do. No more and no less than that. With their know-how and experience as a tape manufacturer they can provide you with reliable solutions. There is no need any more to use the traditional methods like screwing, welding and clasping. Adhesive tape manufacturers like Multifoil understand the processes and the differences between adhesive types and can help you decide which adhesive works the best for your applications.

Tape for specialty labels manufacturer

All of our adhesive for specialty labels can be customized to meet your specific application. Multifoil offers tape for specialty labels, industrial tapes, hot melt tapes and many other tapes and labels. We are also a supplier of:

  • Tape for RFID labels
  • Adhesive for RFID labels
Adhesive tape

Adhesive manufacturers strive for a better environment

Multifoil is also a hot melt adhesive manufacturer. This entails that they produce high performance hot melt adhesives for a wide range of industrial applications, from carton sealing to food grade packaging. Hot melt adhesives help you to speed up your production process and are a perfect choice for difficult and non-porous substrates. This adhesive also does not contain solvents or water. It can bond two materials very quickly. Hot melt adhesives are used mainly in the packaging industry and in the printing industry for boding the spine of hard- and softcover books. You also see that the textile industry makes use of hot melt adhesives for bonding appliques and the shoe-making industry uses these adhesives for bonding shoe soles. Hot melt systems are slowly edging out solvent based systems as manufacturers strive to reduce emissions and improve the air quality. They also offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to solvent based adhesives and it is widely known that hot melt adhesives produce bonds of the same quality.

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