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Multifoil: manufacturer of adhesive transfer tape

Transfer tape is designed to meet the most demanding industrial applications. It is also engineered to make product designs more streamlined. It is a double-sided and pressure sensitive adhesive that contains a removable paper liner which is used to join two substrates. Transfer tape is mostly applied by using a dispenser, but it is also possible to apply it manually. Transfer tape is ideal for bonding together a large variety of surfaces. You can use the tape for bonding hdpe, metals, cardboard, paper, high surface energy plastics and even glass. A transfer tape with acrylic adhesive has excellent holding power, even at lower temperatures. Transfer tapes are used in the aerospace industry, medical and industrial equipment, automotive industry and electronic markets. As a specialist in adhesives, Multifoil can help you find the perfect bonding solution for your applications.

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Benefits of transfer tape

Our transfer tapes consist of a film of unsupported adhesive which is coated on a release liner. This release liner is siliconized on both sides. This ensures that the transfer tape unwinds effortlessly onto different substrates for lamination. The transfer tape that Multifoil offers is available in acrylic, rubber and modified acrylic adhesive types. The benefits of this tape are:

  • Weatherproof and UV resistant
  • Great resistance to low and high temperature
  • Good adhesion to low surface energy substrates
  • High initial tack
  • Exceptional holding strength
  • Different coating widths available
Transfer tape

Use our double sided fingerlift tape

Did you know that Multifoil also offers double sided fingerlift tape? The finger ligt tape that we offer has a dry edge liner on either side of the tape. This makes liner removal very quickly and with ease. The finger lift liners that this fingerlift tape manufacturers produces, are available in tissue, film, bag sealing and transfer tape. As a fingerlift tape producer we also offer a hot melt rubber-based adhesive. This is a carrier-free and unsupported kind of tape. This finger lift tape offers the convenience of a dry edge on either side, which makes liner removal easier than flush edge tapes. Another name for this finger lift tape is dry egde tape. Multifoil is a finger lift tape manufacturer and offers an extensive range of these tapes including film, tissue and transfer tape. You can use our finger lift tape for general assembly applications. Multifoil, the fingerlift tape manufacturer, offers a tape with fingerlift edge that enables easy release of the protective paper liner. It is perfect for assembly works like envelope sealing or folder manufacture. It can also function as a great stationery tape since this fingerlift tape is excellent for curves and round shapes. As a fingerlift tape producer, we can claim that fingerlift tape has several benefits which other tapes don’t have. It has an excellent performance on paper based materials like display posters or point of sale. That has to be dispatched for later attachment. The tape also has an oversized liner which allows you to use your nail to lift the liner off to expose the adhesive. This tape is not recommended for outdoor use and direct exposure to UV rays. The rolls can be ordered in all kinds of sizes and formats. We also offer fingerlift hotmelt tape and a fingerlift coater.

Specially designed banner tape

A high performance banner tape has been designed high stress bonding applications. This banner tape provides a permanent bond on plastics, wood, metal profile extrusions, film, cloth and other materials. Our banner tape is mainly used for bonding vinyl materials. An industry that uses banner tape much is the sign industry. It is an excellent solution to reinforce banners without welding. Multifoil can help you find the best solution for your bonding needs.

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