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How to use double sided adhesive dots

Adhesive dots, and also double sided adhesive dots, are the clean and safe alternative to liquid glues and hot glue guns and tapes. These double sided glue dots are an excellent addition to arts and crafts where precise adhesive placement is needed. For instance when scrap booking, or making fancy greeting cards. Many people who are interested in model building, have found out about adhesive dots. The double sided glue dots are easy to use, no matter someone’s age or ability. Firmly press a piece of material onto the adhesive dots and the dots will immediately settle on the material. You can also use a dispenser for the glue dots. Thanks to a hand dispenser with glue spots, your work will be finished quicker and more precisely.

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Glue dots for scrap booking and greeting cards

Glue dots (also called transfer adhesive dots or glue spots) provide a strong and permanent bond, with no bumps or bubbles. Making adhesive spots ideal for layering papers or invitations, specialty arts and crafts, or any place where you don’t want to see the adhesive. Multifoil's micro glue dots (and micro adhesive dots) are available on a roll, specially made for or a (hand) dispenser. Making application easy for just any craft project. Our double sided adhesive dots are pressure sensitive and used for making cards, scrapbooks and other artworks.The self-adhesive micro dots are easy to use, mess free, non-toxic and photo safe. Photo’s and scrap books will still look as beautiful as when someone made them, even after many years you won’t see damage because of the self-adhesive dots.

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Double sided glue dots for model building

Because of the adhesion of double sided glue dots, it makes applying small embellishments to crafts quick and easy. And whilst keeping everything neat and tidy. That is very important when model building. Our micro adhesive dots have a strong, permanent and flexible bond that makes them perfect for use on multiple surfaces such as fabric, plastic, felt, carton, wood, paper, glass, foam, and even metal. Use self-adhesive micro dots for model building kits. Enjoy easy, touch-free application from a dispenser.

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