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Double sided tape for transition profiles

Transition profiles are used wherever two floors meet. This happens for example at doors, when one laminate floor meets another laminate floor. Or a different floor covering like wood, tiles, vinyl or PVC. A matching transition profile creates a pretty appearance and an elegant transition between two different floors. Also people won’t trip over the height difference of the floor. There is no difference in height of the floors thanks to transition profiles and they also protect the ends of the flooring. Transition profiles may even function as a cable gutter.

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How to install a transition profile

What is the best way to install a transition profile? You have several options. The option that we would recommend is using a transition strip adhesive tape, like our double sided tape. It is fast-acting double-sided tape that does not require a long curing time like a wet adhesive does need. Thanks to our double sided tapes you can complete your projects faster than ever before. Our toffee tape is also used for fixing of floor materials like carpets, threshold strips or adhesive strips. In case you were wondering what adhesive do you use for floor molding, the answer is our double sided tape. It provides a strong, permanent bond to nearly any subfloor and wall material. Also concrete, primed concrete and plywood. It can be used in conjunction with vinyl, aluminium, wooden, plastic, PP, PE flooring moldings, floor trims and base board.

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Can you glue floor trims with double sided tape?

The answer is yes, you can. Apply double sided to the desired location for trim or modelling, or place the tape on trim or modelling. If the molding or trim are wider than the tape, add subsequent rows. We recommend to apply on both edges on T-moldings for a secure bond. Don’t forget to prime trims and mouldings that are made of fibreboard, for a secure bond with the double strip adhesive. Use a knife to slide blade between the release liner and tape to separate. Then you peel off the liner completely from the tape and place the trim or molding without applying much downward pressure. If you use harsh down force, it will make mouldings and trims unmovable because of the tape its strong initial tack.

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What adhesive do you use for gluing skirting board?

Nails, screws or adhesive? When the walls are nice and straight, then fixing skirting board or mopboard with adhesive is the easiest choice. This way, you will achieve a professional and clean finish. Once you’ve cut the board to size, you only need to apply the double sided tape to the back and place the skirting board. This also works for decorative panels used for wall accent (wainscoting). Multifoil is a manufacturer of pressure sensitive tapes and adhesives. Our mission is to make successful connections between adhesive and substrates. So if you are still asking yourself ‘How do you stick floor beading or floor edging to walls?’ or 'What adhesive do you use for base molding and cable trims?’. Don’t hesitate to ask us, because we have a lot of experience and know-how when it comes to tapes and their applications.

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