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Precise adhesive application thanks to a hot melt adhesive extruder

Multifoil is a specialist in pressure sensitive adhesives and is also one of world's hot melt adhesive manufacturers. We have many years of experience and know-how to help you find the perfect solutions. Not only do they produce tapes, we are also a hot melt adhesive expert. Multifoil is a supplier of hotmelt adhesive products for various industries such as bookbinding and product packaging. We also produce a hot melt adhesive for plastic bonding. What is a hot melt tape? It offers exceptional adhesion strength and does a great job for different applications. It is a heat activated adhesive system. A hotmelt adhesive is solvent free and contains no water. Electric hot melt applicators, like a hot melt adhesive extruder, deliver precise adhesive application. Whether you wish to apply dots or hotmelt beads, the applicators provide clean and accurate material deposition. A hot melt adhesive coating and laminating system can easily apply adhesives to substrates in no time. Our finger lift hotmelt tape is a rubber-based permanent adhesive and has a finger lift coater, a thin liner that allows for longer roll lengths.

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Other hot melt adhesive uses

People’s knowledge of hot melt adhesives used to be limited to the hot glue guns that were used for crafting or hobby projects. This hot glue gun came to the rescue when your favourite mug broke. You only had to put the cylindrical sticks into the hot glue gun, squeeze the trigger of the gun via direct finger pressure and apply the hot glue to your broken mug. Once the glue was solidified, the mug looked like brand new again. Those glue guns were not the safest option, since the glue was hot enough to cause burns and blister skin. However, this is what most people can remember of using hot melt adhesives. The hot melt adhesive manufacturers continued to improve the product and the industry made incredible advancements. Not only for the usage of glue guns at home, but also for hot melt adhesive uses in factories and assembly lines. Many factories use a hot melt adhesive extruder nowadays. Hot melt adhesives can be useful in multiple other ways than just repairing your favourite mug. Multifoil sells a hot melt strippable coating, which is a protective hot melt coating that is easily applied and removed. It can be used for protecting cutting tools, saw blades, gears, gages and other parts. We also manufacture hot melt film, this is similar to material that is used in glue guns, but it arrives in the form of a fabric. This hot melt film bonds almost instantly after being activated by heat. If you are searching for lamination adhesives, we have hot melt net with paper foor lamination of new products.

Adhesive tape

Hotmelt adhesive for industrial applications like car manufacturing

What is a hot melt tape and where is it used for? Hotmelt adhesive can nowadays be used for basically everything, also for industrial applications and for lamination coating. From furniture to packaging material and to car manufacturing. There are machines that are specifically built for gluing carpets, mattresses, cars, floors, packaging and even furniture by using a hot melt adhesive extruder. Hotmelt adhesive uses have also changed the automotive industry. Instead of metal fasteners, many manufacturers choose to use hot melt adhesives because it means the car will be lighter. A lower weight of the car improves fuel efficiency and it reduces corrosion. Therefore, hot melt adhesives are being used more and more in the automotive industry.Hot melt adhesive for polypropylene is popular in the automotive industry since it enables the quick and efficient bonding of polypropylene. This material has become the preferred material of today’s manufacturing processes because it can withstand high temperatures.

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