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Multifoil: a reliable hot melt tape converter

Multifoil is a manufacturer of hot melt double sided tape for packaging and manufacturing industries. Our hot melt tape and hot melt bopp tape is used for sealing lightweight cartons and is suitable for automatic machine rolls and manual hand rolls. As a hot melt tape converter, we manufacture tape for product packaging, case sealing, meat processing, dairy facilities, unheated warehouses applications and moving during cold-weather. Our tapes are distributed for automotive market, electrical applications, packaging applications and other industrial manufacturing applications. Multifoil, the hot melt tape manufacturer, offers a wide range of self-adhesive hot melts. This hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive is used for industrial applications, such as security bag sealing, lamination structures, protective films and insect traps. Our hot melt double sided tape is free of solvents. Most of our hot melt products are based on thermoplastic rubber.

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A hot melt tape manufacturer with years of experience

Multifoil its hot melt tape is solvent free and it is recommended not only as a hotmelt carton sealing tape, but can also be used in different industries. Our hot melt bopp tape is a synthetic rubber tape that is suitable for manual and automatic carton sealing line packaging applications.This hot melt bopp tape has an easy print without primer and release. Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive tape is used for packaging with high resistance, softness and flexibility. This tape is similar to solvent based tape and has a high tack and perfect adhesion on different surfaces. Multifoil is famous as a hot melt tape manufacturer and has many years of experience to help you find the perfect hot melt adhesive. Some hot melt adhesive properties of our tapes:

  • Available in different colors. Brown, white and transparent tape.
  • Resistant against high temperatures
  • Constant over time with high resistance
  • Adaptable to different shapes
  • High tack and offers reliable seals
Hot melt tape converter

What is the difference between hot melt vs acrylic tape? Acrylic adhesives do not bond as quick as hot melt adhesives; it needs 24 hours to achieve the maximum bond strength. Hot melt is mostly used as carton sealing tape. However, acrylic tape has better UV, shear and heat resistance. It is recommended to use this acrylic type for heavy duty. As a hot melt tape converter, we would recommend hot melt tapes because this kind offers exceptional adhesion strength thanks to the hot melt viscosity. Choosing between hot melt vs. acrylic adhesive depends on your needs. If you are curious whether hot melt vs. acrylic adhesive have higher adhesion, hot melt tapes exhibit a significantly higher adhesion than acrylic adhesive.Hot melt tapes can turn yellow with age, whereas acrylic tape will not easily turn yellow over time. They are both comparable in price. When your packaging involves extreme temperatures, acrylic tapes are ideal. Choosing the right packaging tape for your application is important vour the protection and security of your product. The hot melt tape manufacturer Multifoil is more than willing to help you choose the correct adhesive. We are a hot melt tape converter with smart adhesive solutions. We are a specialist in pressure sensitive tapes, which are used for a wide range of applications. Our mission is to create excellent connections between an adhesive and a substrate. Multifoil is not only a hot melt tape manufacturer, we also do the cutting and slitting of large rolls of tapes. We are known as one of the best teame converters from Holland.

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