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The benefits of using industrial foam adhesive

Multifoil is a manufacturer of pressure sensitive tapes for a large range of applications. They also manufacture adhesive tape for foam. This tape is used for sound dampening, cushioning, padding, insulating and sealing. Industrial foam tape is designed to enhance the appearance and to improve the performance of a product. Not every foam tape is the same, it has unique features and different purposes. Industrial foam adhesive can be ordered in a variety of thicknesses, adhesives, sizes and carriers. Some benefits of foam tape are:

  • Heat-resistant
  • Provides industrial strength for heavy duty applications
  • Bonds plastic, metal, wood, fabric, cardboard, paper and more
  • It allows taping or sealing on irregular or curved surfaces
  • Helps to seal out dust, moisture and light
  • Ensures high initial adhesion
  • Great flexibility, it prevents components moving when being shaken
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Adhesive tape for foam for automotive and industrial applications

Choosing the right industrial adhesive for your application can be challenging. Therefore, you must pay close attention to the properties of each foam tape. Foam tape can be used by many end users because the large variation in foam tape thicknesses, densities and cell structure allows this. If you are in the automotive industry, then foam tape can offer you great solutions to typical applications. Foam tape is used for door and window seals, roof rails, parking sensor retainers and door cladding. This tape has a strong adhesion to automotive substrates and it is weather and car wash resistant.

Industrial foam adhesive

Other applications where you can use industrial foam tape

The greatest quality of foam tape is its suitability for a wide variety of industries. A few applications for which foam tape is applicable is mounting mirrors to other surfaces, securing cable trunks to walls and securing glass to the frame of the window. Also many car manufacturers use double sided foam tape to attach number plates to cars.

A professional when it comes to industrial adhesive

Multifoil does not just produces tape, they want to create a bond. A bond between customers and applications and even a stronger bond between the adhesive and the substrate. They also want to create a bond between themselves and the customer. Multifoil wants to give manufacturers innovative solutions that can improve the product process. This can help a company to deliver products to the market faster and more efficiently than the competitor.

Which foam tapes does Multifoil produce?

  • Single and double sided adhesive foam tapes
  • Foam tapes made of different materials like polyurethane
  • Foam tapes that come with sub-carriers

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