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Multifoil is a specialist when it comes to industrial strength glue

If you are in need of industrial glue, Multifoil is a specialist in this area and can offer you the solutions to your adhesion difficulties. One of those solutions is the industrial urethane adhesive, which is an industrial super glue that acts like a sealant that can be used as a barrier between different surfaces. This glue is ideal when the application requires flexibility between two dissimilar materials. The product can be deployed in a wide variety of projects, which makes it ideal for industrial applications.

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The strength of industrial urethane adhesives

The industrial strength glue based on urethane is formulated in such a way that it meets all industry’s high-performance requirements. The adhesion of the products is thoroughly tested on Multifoil’s on-site laboratory with specific research methods, which are specifically designed by renowned institutes. To make sure the industrial glue is reliable, several tests are carried out. A temperature test is done to check the physical stress between the two materials that are to be bonded. These tests, that are performed in climate chambers with a range of -40°C to 120°C, are necessary because the expansion between the outer part and the inner part can be enormous when, for example, the morning sun hits the substrate after a freezing night.

Industrial strength glue test

Silicone-based glue offers flexibility and industrial strength

Manufacturers and industrial companies often need adhesion solutions that are focused on the flexibility of the glue. Silicone adhesives offer exceptional flexibility and is also resistant to environments with extreme temperature fluctuations and the silicone-based glue dries far more quickly than industrial urethane adhesives. When gluing silicon industrial adhesives, the bonded materials will be able to endure these severe circumstances and they even remain flexible and resistant when they come in contact with chemicals. They even stay flexible when they come in contact with water. Typical project applications where silicone-based glue is used for are window glazing, structural glazing, and masonry.

Industrial glue versus adhesive tape

Industrial strength glue provides exceptional adhesion for both outdoor and indoor projects. It is a high tack tape for many applications. This makes the high tack glue perfect for a wide variety of applications in the automotive, aerospace and construction industry. The industrial super glue can substitute the use of other adhesion products such as adhesive tape industrially in many occasions. Although glue usually needs a longer time to dry, it can be applied more easily in many instances than adhesive tapes and it is far less costly. Multifoil can help you with choosing the right product for your bonding needs.

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