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Industrial tapes and bonding glue are used for all kinds of purposes. They are used for adhesive bonding, masking, wrapping, packaging, thread sealing and many other specialized applications like electrical insulation. Multifoil, an industrial tape company, is a Dutch manufacturer of adhesive tapes and specializes in quality adhesive products to make adhesive applications convenient. As an adhesive tape manufacturer, we offer pressure sensitive tapes and industrial packaging materials like industrial tapes. We understand our customer’s needs and requirements when it comes to bonding materials, like for instance bonding glass to metal or bonding between metal and non metal. This adhesive tape manufacturer knows the differences between glue types and helps you choosing the adhesive that works best for your applications. Multifoil can provide you the most reliable bonding solutions. Of course our industrial adhesives can be shipped to Germany as well.

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Multifoil: Dutch manufacturer of adhesive tapes

We belong to the industrial tape experts in the Netherlands. Not only is Multifoil a manufacturer of industrial adhesives & tapes, we are also specialized in hot melt adhesives. Hot melt adhesives are used for many applications like food packaging and carton sealing. Our hot melt adhesives don’t contain water or any solvents and can bond two surfaces very fast. As an industrial tape company, we offer technical self-adhesive tapes for a wide range of industries and applications. Whether you are interested in bonding glass to metal or bonding hdpe, we will provide you with a reliable solution. Bonding hdpe is best to do with toffee tape, a rubber resin adhesive that is designed for bonding polythene and polypropylene. Exclusively for the polycarbonate industry, we have designed breather tape. At Multifoil, you can order customized industrial tapes. Customize the widths and lengths on your rolls, bobbins, sheets and more. Multifoil can provide you any kind of adhesive product:

  • tape for glass
  • tape for plastics
  • tape for fibers
  • Carpet tape
  • Floor tape
  • Rubber glue
  • Double sided rubber tape
Industrial film

Different types of industrial tapes available

Whether you need an industrial tape for light duty needs or heavy performance, Multifoil its tapes offer you the best quality. You can really count on this adhesive tape manufacturer to achieve your most demanding bonding requirements. Do you want impossible connections to become possible? There are several types of industrial tapes that can realize this.

  • Masking tape: This tape is designed for different applications like paint masking, holding materials in their place, packaging goods and some other light duty needs.
  • Double-sided adhesive tapes: These tapes have both sides of the carrier coated with an adhesive.
  • Transfer tape: this versatile industrial tape consists of a adhesive film without a carrier. It is used for dry surfaces applications/

Our industrial adhesives & tapes are suitable for use with various substrates. Including glass, metal, paper, ceramics, rubber, leather, wood, plastic and porous surfaces. Each type of industrial tapes is rated for specific uses with a substrate. Therefore, it is also very important to know what type of substrate you are planning to use your tape on. When you have decided this, you can search for the best type of tape. For example when you want to try bonding hdpe, you need to use an adhesive that is designed for it. The tapes can be applied manually or with the use of a dispenser. Or even automated. If you need large volumes of customized shapes, we are able to help you with personalized cuts. Multifoil is an adhesive tape manufacturer with many years of knowledge. Our experienced team will help you find the right bonding solution.

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