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Cohesion & adhesion


Profound knowledge of cohesion and adhesion is a basic requirement in order to fully understand the succes or failure of an adhesive bond. 

The importance of cohesion & adhesion

The internal strength in the adhesive is also known as cohesion and plays an important role in the overall performance of the bond. The higher the internal strength (cohesion), the higher the static holding power or shear resistance. This high internal strength often leads to a lower adhesion, which is the strength of the bond between the adhesive and substrate. Unfortunately a high adhesion in a demanding application is a must have for sustainable succes. So disappointment is easily achieved! 

So how do we create a higher adhesion and a perfect bond? A higher adhesion is mostly achieved by adding materials to the adhesive to make more sticky and more easy to conform to the substrate. The downside is that these added materials usually lower the adhesion of the adhesive. Every bond has it's perfect balance, and determining what is the best depends on the specific application. At Multifoil getting the perfect balance for your specific application is what we do best! 

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