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Industrial metal to metal adhesives

There are several ways for joining two metal substrates. There are several mechanical fastening or thermal joining ways, such as welding, brazing, and soldering but you can also choose to use metal to metal adhesives to join the two separate parts together. There are even several advantages when using industrial metal adhesive products instead of more traditional ways. For one, if the method to bond the two substrates is through thermal joining, discoloration and distortion is likely to occur. This is not the case when metal bonding adhesives are used. You also do not have to drill holes in the material in preparation for fasteners. Our adhesives can also be used for bonding between metal and non metal.

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Metal to metal adhesives is the solution for product manufacturers

Manufacturers of products often face assembly difficulties, which can be solved by choosing adhesives to bond two metals together. The benefits adhesives have to offer can streamline the manufacturing operations and can even lower the assembly costs. When gluing metal in an industrial environment, you often have to work with irregularly shaped surfaces. These surfaces are hard to reach with a welding machine but are easily joined with metal to metal adhesives, especially when proper dispensing equipment is used. Other advantages of the use of metal bonding adhesives are:

  • They are invisible within the assembly, which can come in handy when designing the appearance of a product
  • They can be used when the two substrates have different melting points
  • They can bond heat-sensitive materials
  • The adhesives can protect the metals from corrosion by not only bonding the materials but also forming a protective seal
  • The adhesives are spread over the entire surface where the two substrates are bonded, which makes sure the stress distribution is evenly spread instead of being concentrated on the joint
Metal to metal adhesive

Multifoil is the adhesive specialist you are looking for

If you are looking for metal to metal adhesives for industrial applications, Multifoil can offer you the solutions to your metal to metal bonding challenges, such as the concrete adhesive for metal. Multifoil is the adhesive specialist when it comes to solving problems for construction work, product manufacturers, and other industrial companies. Multifoil can offer you the solutions to the most specific bonding issues, for example provide an adhesive that can bond two metals with vastly different characteristics. Also our panel bonding adhesive, which exists of a two-part epoxy, has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of metal substrates.

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