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The importance of airtight building

People want their house to be comfortable, ecological, and a money-saving construction. Building a passive house, or energy-efficient home, is all about thermal insulation and good ventilation. Excellent controlled ventilation is only possible if the building is airtight. Air-tight construction is important because it ensures:

  • Preventing moisture problems, which means it is moisture tight
  • Condensation tight, meaning no condensation
  • Energy saving
  • Improving the comfort of living
  • Good soundproofing

Passive house relies on a small set of principles, such as super insulated envelopes, airtight envelopes, and advanced windows and doors.

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But which double sided tape for passive construction?

Multifoil offers the adhesive solution you are looking for. Whether you need double sided tape for airtight construction, or a self-adhesive tape for your application. Airtight construction increases comfort and prevents moisture problems, but it does much more than that. It also keeps unnecessary heat loss to a minimum. Thanks to the double sided tape, unwanted air flows through cracks and seems can be prevented. A high level of airtightness also provides cleaner air, free for all kinds of outdoor pollutants. It also allows for a heat loss reduction. If you ask us which double sided tape for passive construction? Then double sided sealing tape is the answer. It can be used for brick wall, brick roof, brick ceiling, wooden frame and wooden construction passive house.

Smac airtight sealing tape for construction

Airtight tape Smac5501

Airtight tape Smac5605

Benefits of our sealing tape

Our sealing tape is designed to create an airtight, weathertight and even moisture resistant weatherproof sealing of overlaps between membranes. The tape can also be used for bonding vapour checks and airtight membranes to framework or perhaps metal studs, or to brick walls or the roof. Which double sided tape for air-tight construction are you going to use? You can use our double sided sealing tape on membranes made from PP, PA, PE or smooth wood-based panels, hard plastic, metal, painted timber, dust-free concrete and plaster.

High-performance double sided sealing tape: Important for your building envelope

Using tape for sealing up a building envelope might seem useless when compared to other construction methods. However, our double sided tape is a vital component to your passive house construction. The self-adhesive tape is practical, efficient and very easy to use. It improves the airtightness of your passive house. Passive homes are completely sealed and airtight building envelope, which makes it an air-tight construction. Builders use high performance tape to eliminate every potential sites of air leaks. With double sided sealing tape you can improve make a house its energy efficiency and thermal performance. Which double sided tape for air-tight building is the best, depends on your application. Is it for interior or exterior use? If you have any specialised taping needs, we can give you a specialised answer tailored to your needs.

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