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Many of our products were developed as solutions to specific issues or as an idea to improve a certain process or application in a specific industry. 

Sustainable success!

Multifoil has developed a whole series of diverse applications over the years. Some of them as a customised product for a specific customer; some for a specific application, industry or market. All this relevant information is recorded in our database. This information and know-how is handled discreetly, but reliable advice and lessons from the past are always at hand.

As you probably realise, we are not always free to publicise our projects and innovations, especially when the product has been developed for a specific customer. Nevertheless, we can share with you some of our adhesive solutions which have made it to the market and developed into a standard product. 

Kapton tape

Cleanly removable

A mask was developed for an electronics manufacturer to protect printed circuits boards during an immersion process whereby the circuit board is heated to 200°C. The mask is then removed effortlessly, leaving no residue. 

6 of our innovated solutions

AntiDUST® Tape

The benchmark in the polycarbonate industry

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Dpi Mount

Our string free transfer film. Easy and clean application of adhesive with no need for die-cuts. Especially for scale model building, shop displays and assembly. 

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Drug delivery pad

The patented honeycomb adhesive structure allows large amounts of moisture from the skin to pass through.

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100% per cent secure and easy solution for protecting thermal insulation tubes and shells. Flame retardant and built-in vapour barrier. 

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Strip and beads adhesive

Thick and precise adhesive strips or beads for mounting profiles, cable gutters, floor profiles and much more. 

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As the production of multi-wall sheets developed, so did we with our AntiDUST® Tape especially for polycarbonate clicksystems. Industries

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