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Ensure the clarity of multi-wall sheets

AntiDUST tape

No other product available looks like or performs like our AntiDUST® tape. The essential rapid draining of the cells within sheets is one of our hallmarks. The prevention of infection by a host of unwanted contaminants is another. We keep your polycarbonate sheet looking clean and clear! 

Ensures the clarity of multi-wall sheet

AntiDUST® AD3500

Multifoil's AntiDUST® breather tape is the benchmark for the polycarbonate industry. The product still offers fully integrated protection against the many problems that can appear in roofing systems such as algae growth and insects which leave the polycarbonate filthy within months! Recognising the value of their customers, the more responsible players in the industry have strived to offer the most innovative, effective and durable components for the multi-wall products they supply. For over thirty years we have quietly helped to protect people’s investments in their buildings with our advanced AntiDUST® tape systems. Some of its unique qualities are: 

  • Special anti-algae and anti-fungi treatment
  • No insects or dust
  • Long-life strong plastic tape to resist friction from the aluminium cover profile
  • Double the life of the multi-wall sheets
  • Easy to apply
  • Very durable
  • Proven preservation system
  • Moisture and temperature resistant
  • Enables continuous drainage of condensation
  • Adapts to the expansion and contraction of the glazing material

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Renowned projects across the globe

The visionary design of the Amsterdam Arena features a sliding roof that accommodates the unpredictable climate of the Netherlands. The advantages of constructing the all weather roof section from lightweight polycarbonate were numerous and obvious. As a public project it was imperative that Amsterdam city council received a building that looked good and stayed looking good; and Multifoil's AntiDUST® tape is one of the factors used to ensure that the roof looks excellent for many years to come.

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