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Tailored AntiDUST tape

As the production of multi-wall sheets developed, so did we with our AntiDUST® Tape especially for polycarbonate clicksystems.

Improving in partnership with the industry

When Lexan produced their Thermo-Click system they needed a dedicated system to protect the polycarbonate sheets. As an innovative company who is customer focussed we worked with the manufacturer to produce a tailor made solution with the excellent qualities of our other AntiDUST tapes. Our solution for the thermo-click system was to produce an individually tailored die-cut part that fitted precisely onto the end of the panel.

Innovative markets need innovative solutions!

Co-creating with the industry

There are many ways to bond materials. Screwing, welding and clasping were the traditional methods used in the ‘fixing’ universe. However in many ways tapes can be more effective!

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