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Intelligent dot adhesive


Our DpiMount is perfect for small areas, unique forms and various shapes in one application. Perfect for assembly and hobby.

Adhesive for the most unusual and smallest sizes!

This sticky adhesive transfer mass only transfers the adhesive where it comes into contact with the object. The dots are configurated to the specific needs of the customer, and furthermore, they are all separate so they won't string together and cause a mess in your application.

Double side self-adhesive tapes are especially used in assembly tasks and this is an excellent option for large areas that need to be self-adhesvie. But ... what if you need adhesive on a small, or special shaped area without contaminating the surrounding area? Then DPIMount is the best way forward. Clean and fast. Moreover, DpiMount is also the best solution when performing various tasks with different shapes for one application such as mode lbuilding or assembling a display. 

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There are many ways to bond materials. Screwing, welding and clasping were the traditional methods used in the ‘fixing’ universe. However in many ways tapes can be more effective!

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