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The perfect solution: tape for skirting board

Do you want a product that can mask the edges of floors and hides the imperfections of floors? Our tape for skirting board is the perfect solution. It can also even the ends of your floor, in case that is needed. It is also a tape for edging, because those places are not easily accessible. For instance, under the radiator or under the stairs. With our double sided tape for skirting boards you ensure that the gap between the wall and the floor is sealed. Our tape can be used to seal off around the edges of skirting. The tape makes sure that everything stays in place, but also allows expansion for when the wood starts to work. Our tape for mopboards is used for bonding standard flooring and baseboards. This double sided tape for mopboards has an extra strong adhesive profile.

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Multifoil offers tape for skirting board and mopboards

If you are looking for double sided tape for skirting boards, check out our self-adhesive tape for skirting board. These tapes have a high performance, which is suitable for uneven substrates. This tape is used for skirting board, carpets, and ceiling moulding. A tape for skirting board is a double-sided and very aggressive transfer tape. This double sided tape for skirting boards had a very high initial adhesive strength. The tape for skirting board is also free of solvents and has a very high initial tack.

Tape for skirting boards

Features of tape for skirting board

The tape for skirting board is mainly used as a mounting tape for hard skirting boards. Some users may use it for attaching boards to difficult substrates. Did you know that our tape for skirting board can be used on almost all substrates? Wood, plastic, metal and concrete are no challenge for this tape. This double sided adhesive tape bonds directly to a wall for attaching hard skirting boards. Press the skirting board against the wall after applying the tape first. Do not forget to remove the separating silicon paper before attaching the tape. This adhesive tape is designed for bonding floors and skirting boards to textured or smooth surfaces. It has some unique features other tapes do not have.

  • Very strong
  • Solvent-free
  • Polyacrylate adhesive
  • Strong adhesion profile
  • Strong adhesion for slightly textured surfaces
  • Great adhesion to wood
  • Great adhesion to plastics
  • High resistance against aging
  • Has a natural brown paper release liner
  • bonding skirting board
  • The tape has an reinforced scrim to stabilize adhesive/li>

Multifoil helps you find a reliable solution

Whether you have questions about bonding glass to metal or bonding skirtboards to walls, Multifoil can help you find the best solution. Finding the right bonding solution is never easy. We offer self-adhesive tape that does what you want it to do. And more. Multifoil is a specialist in adhesive tapes and has many years of experience and know-how. We are confident that we can help you with your bonding needs. If you need tape for skirting board or a special tape for edging, we got you covered.

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