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Rubber resin solvent free

Toffee tape

Very aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive, Excellent bonding strength.

Suitable for 'difficult' substrates such as PE or PP.

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We are a Dutch tape manufacturer  We have standard products but you can also order customised products for smart solutions. Change liner, adhesive, width, length and thickness.

Typical applications

  • Joining of plastic sheeting, filter membranes, damp proof membranes.
  • Bonding lightweight insulation panels, kickplates.
  • Serves as a 'third hand'.
  • Joining of plastic sheeting.
  • Fixing of edgings, sheeting and signs like estate agent boards. and tiles.
  • Mounting sliding boards.
  • Fixing of carpets, decorative edging, board and trims.
  • Skirting boards, mop boards and plinths.

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Best choice

  • Extreme high initial tack
  • Excellent adhesion on wood, glass, fibers, plastics
  • Easy, fast and clean application
  • No curing time needed 

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