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Bonding difficult substrates with toffee tape

Are you searching for versatile, high strength bonding tape? Our toffee tape is used for bonding a wide variety of substrates such as metals and plastics. It is called toffee tape because of its amber colouring and conformability. Toffee tape is a double sided adhesive tape, designed for heavy duty. This double sided toffee tape is solventless and has a pressure sensitive rubber resin adhesive strip. The tape has a high adhesive strength and only limited resistance to UV light and hot temperatures. So avoid exposure to UV light. It is not recommended to use this double sided adhesive tape for shear applications, nor is it suitable for plasticized PVC. Make sure that the surfaces are clean, dry and grease free before applying. We recommend applying the toffee tape to a surface that is non-porous, smooth and free from dust and oil. Our toffee tape, or Scapa 0485, is specially developed for joining polythene sheeting. However, it is also suitable for fixing many other materials like rubber for instance. This double sided toffee tape is completely non-toxic and when applied, it will create an instant bond. The toffee tape can be manufactured in different adhesive thicknesses.

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No curing time needed with our Scapa 0485!

Our Scapa 0485 is a solvent free rubber resin based hot melt adhesive. It is available in an amber colour and you can choose from different thicknesses. The Scapa 0485 is a clean and easy to use alternative to brush on adhesives. Nevertheless, it is a very aggressive pressure sensitive tape. It provides an excellent bond strength between two surfaces. The Scapa 0485 is non-hardening and permanently flexible. Like the toffee tape, there is no curing time required. The tape is solvent free and therefore it has no fumes. Scapa 0485 tape can be used for different applications like jointing of plastic sheeting, damp proof membranes and filter membranes. It can also be used for bonding kickplates or lightweight insulation panels. Some of our customers use the toffee tape for mounting lightweight trim, bonding of insulation to walls, fixing edgings, signs and tiles. Others use it for fixing decorative edgings, boards, trims or carpets.

Double sided toffee-tape

Benefits of using toffee tape

Our toffee tape and Scapa 0485 tape are designed to bond difficult substrates like polythene and polypropylene. These double sided adhesive tapes have an amber, extruded pressure sensitive synthetic rubber resin adhesive strip. The toffee tape is an ultra high tack rubber adhesive tape which forms a strong waterproof bond. Moreover, the tape is extremely conformable, which makes it ideal for fixing signs, trims and edgings. The toffee tape sticks perfectly to corrox board. The double sided toffee tape is supplied on a release liner, which makes application much easier. The tape also adheres to a large variety of surfaces, wich makes it suitable for:

  • Joining plastic sheeting
  • Joining membranes
  • Joining damp proof membranes or DPC’s
  • Fixing roof bars on commercial vehicles
  • Bonding kick plates
  • Bonding wires to road surfaces
  • Mounting lightweight items
  • Joining polythene sheeting
  • Fixing decorative signs, tiles, boards, trims and edging

As you can see, our toffee tape can be used on many different materials including most metals, plastics and ceramics. It is a favorite double sided adhesive tape in many sign making applications. Order this glue on a roll and solve your bonding needs!

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