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Vapor barrier tape

The use of vapor barrier tape prevents problems in construction that are related to unwanted moisture. In certain places, the presence of water can cause significant structural problems. Not to mention health issues, caused by mould. Any moisture-related problems should therefore be systematically prevented. By using moisture-proof vapor barrier tape, building materials in the walls will have optimal protection against these problems. Effective insulation with a sealing vapor barrier ensures better structural integrity and problems, both immediately and at a later stage. Multifoil provides solutions with the best vapor barrier tape on the market. Our vapor bond adhesive is highly reliable and effective in any climate.

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The use of vapor bond tape in construction

By applying the weather-resistant and moisture-proof barrier tape, an extra layer is added to the traditional insulation of a structure. This vapor barrier sealing is necessary for humid climates and ensures longer durability and better reliability of any building. Applying vapor barrier sealing is highly recommended in humid spaces like saunas, swimming pools or greenhouses. In hot climates, outside humidity can be kept from entering buildings through walls. Of course, the effects of condensation in cold climates can also be countered with the use of a sealing vapor barrier. Using our vapor barrier tape helps protect living areas from humid crawl spaces, basements or boiler rooms. Before using vapor bond adhesive, Multifoil advises following current and local code and building recommendations.

Double sided automotive tape

Multifoil offers top quality products and service

At Multifoil, we ensure our customers of the high quality of our products. The double-sided Smac tape we provide is a hot melt tape that adheses tightly to any surface. This tape is specially designed to seal gaps between materials and provide airtight bonding between different building materials. The use of our best vapor barrier tape even offers a solution to seal building joints and ensures the sealing of air leaks during the process of sealing a vapor barrier.

Improving cost-efficiency

The reduction of air leaks has the additional benefit of improving cost efficiency. Minimizing energy loss by sealing gaps and making the structure more airtight saves heat loss in ceilings and walls. This has an immediate effect on the overall insulation of the building, resulting in cost-effectiveness when it comes to heating and the use of energy. This way of investing in airtight construction is the perfect solution for dealing with rising gas prices. Even the smallest air leaks can be sealed with our vapor barrier tape. Airtight building with the use of our Vapor seal tape prevents moisture problems like condensation, saves energy and highly improves the quality of living ánd working. By making sure fissures, gaps and other air leaks are being sealed, sound, heat and moisture can be easily contained within an airtight space in any building.

Smac airtight sealing tape for construction

The European specialist in vapor barrier sealing

As the leading specialist in sealing solutions, Multifoil provides innovative sealing tapes for many situations. Our highly trained staff advises and offers solutions for any construction-related issue. Finding a tailored solution for any problem our international customers might come across is our pleasure. We draw on the experience of more than 35 years and make sure the knowledge of our friendly staff is always up to date.

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