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Looking for an adhesive tape manufacturer for the professional market? Multifoil has been an expert tape supplier for over 35 years. Our customers include professionals in the automotive, electronics and building industry. We not only produce many different kinds of self-adhesive materials, but also offer our customers tailormade advise on every bonding issue. We offer a wide range of adhesive solutions and can create bespoke tape if necessary. Find out how we, as an adhesive tape supplier for the professional market, can help you solve your bonding issue.

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We recognize the challenges of selecting the right tape, as it often involves extensive effort.
Let us do the work!

Adhesive tape distributor for the professional market

Whether you’re looking for a producer of hotmelt tape for packaging, sealing tape for a car or motorhome, or specific anti-theft tape for transport, we’ve got you covered. As an adhesive tape producer with over 5 years of experience, we have served customers in many different professional environments. This way, we have developed the ability to cater to a wide range of industries as an adhesive tape producer.

Our tapes are easy to apply and always leave a smooth finish: this makes them a great alternative for mechanical applications in the automotive and building industries, where aesthetics are of great importance. Of course, we also offer airtight, weatherproof and many other types of adhesive solutions. As an adhesive tape producer for the professional market, we make sure that our experts are knowledgeable in many different industry standards and requirements. Our tapes are tested and validated regularly. That’s why we are certain we can offer you the best quality tailored tape for your project or manufacturing process.

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Expert adhesive tape distributor

As an expert tape distributor, Multifoil has spent the last few decades perfecting our knowledge of adhesive solutions. Our experts will be able to point you in the direction of exactly the type of tape you need, keeping in mind conditions such as the bonding surface and the application environment. Every bonding issue is different and requires a different type of adhesive solution. As an expert adhesive tape manufacturer, we are here to help.

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We recognize the challenges of selecting the right tape, as it often involves extensive effort.
Let us do the work!

Why choose Multifoil

Six reasons not to miss out on collaborating with Multifoil. We offer a wide range of resources, from state-of-the-art facilities to a skilled workforce, ensuring that partners have access to the necessary tools and support for success.

Research & development

We have the advantage of possessing an in-house laboratory, a proficient R&D team, and 4 decades of production know-how. This enables us to engineer and produce the most optimal long-term results for you.

Quality in all processes

At our company, we strive to provide excellence in all aspects of our operations, including the sourcing of high-quality raw materials, the manufacturing of top-notch products, rigorous development and testing processes, and outstanding service delivery to our valued customers. Rest assured that our commitment to quality is unwavering.


We understand that collaborating towards a solution and sharing your knowledge, developments and market insight can be a daunting task. However, please be assured that we value integrity and trust above all else in our work with you. Any confidential information you share with us will be kept strictly confidential and if needed we will be happy to sign an NDA. Let's work together towards finding the best solutions for your needs.

Long-term relationships

Long-term relationships can seem almost inevitable when bonding is the foundation of your company. We are fortunate that many of our valued customers, both large and small, choose to stay with us for extended periods, often until the end of their application. Equally important to us are our suppliers, to whom we remain loyal, just as our customers remain loyal to us. And finally, our team - once you become part of our ‘sticky’ group, it's challenging to break away.

People and Machines that impress!

We take pride in our production facility, equipped with over 20 high-performing converting machines and 5 coating lines for rubber and acrylic. Our team is equally impressive, boasting an average tenure of 14 years, and they are more than capable of tackling any challenge thrown their way. Our shared passion for excellence makes working together a joy, and you will undoubtedly feel this sense of enthusiasm and commitment when collaborating with us.

Fast delivery and superior level of service

With our expansive warehouse stocked with finished products and raw materials, we guarantee on-time delivery that precisely matches your specifications. In addition, we can fulfill call-off orders, granting you access to your products exactly when you need them. Our delivery and service team has years of international experience and is eager to assist you in any way they can.