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Can double sided adhesive tapes be used in construction? The short answer is yes. Although not every part of the mechanical joining technology for building can be replaced, a large portion of the construction can be done with special construction tapes. For over 35 years, Multifoil has specialized in adhesive solutions. From coach builder tapes for the automotive industry to sealing tape for construction, we have helped many different customers with tailored solutions. We can help you find sealing tape for a building envelope, double sided tape for a window, windproof tapes, passive house double sided sealing tape and many other different types of structure adhesive tape. Our experts are always ready to give you the best advise possible and help you find a solution for every bonding issue.

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We recognize the challenges of selecting the right tape, as it often involves extensive effort.
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Find an adhesive solution for passive house construction

Different materials ask for different kinds of adhesive solutions. Therefor, we always advise a test of all the construction tapes you use before you start the construction process. This way, you can ensure that the double sided tape for a building envelope you have selected actually works well with the different types of material on the outside of the building. Construction tapes and façade tapes should be easy to apply, durable, and above all else: wind-, weather- and waterproof. A good building sealing tape prevents water, insects or dirt from entering a structure. With the right sealing tape membranes, you can create an airtight building, making sure there is no unnecessary airflow or draft within. Lastly, the correct construction tape for outside application should be able to withstand both high and low temperatures, as well as long term exposure to sunlight and rainwater. We can help you choose the correct sealing tape for a building envelop or any other bonding issue you may have.

Whether it’s inside or outside of the building, we advise to always choose the kind of tape that has been specifically developed for a certain type of application. For instance, we offer ceiling double sided sealing tape, brick wall self-adhesive tape, window tape or breathable tape for building envelopes. These types of tape for passive building are created specifically to function on ceilings, walls, windows or building exteriors.

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Get help from a professional construction tape manufacturer

As a building envelope tape producer, Multifoil is proud of the quality of both our products and tailored advice. Our main concerns re the happiness of our customers and the quality of our range of products. Construction tapes must be durable and cannot lose their efficiency over time. Our tape for passive construction is always extensively tested and validated, so we can guarantee it will stand the test of time. Above all, our experts are always happy to brainstorm with you on the correct adhesive solution for your construction process. Make use of our extensive expertise and let us help you take your construction work to the next level with our high quality construction tapes.

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We recognize the challenges of selecting the right tape, as it often involves extensive effort.
Let us do the work!

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