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Ventilation sealing solution

When sealing anything from a building to an electrical appliance, it is important to keep ventilation in mind. The last thing you want is a buildup of pressure in a fridge, or for air in building structures to not find its way out. That’s where our ventilation sealing solution comes in. This venting tape allows you to seal anything, without completely restricting airflow.

Multifoil is a manufacturer of high-quality venting tape with over 35 years of experience. Find out how we can help you find the perfect adhesive solution for any bonding problem and discover our large collection of versatile venting tape.

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We recognize the challenges of selecting the right tape, as it often involves extensive effort.
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Venting tape for electrical appliances

Venting tape is especially useful when it comes to filling electrical appliances with PU foam. The vent tape is used to seal any and all gaps and holes, so that the foam cannot be pushed back out during the injection process. At the same time, all the air is able to escape, thanks to the breathability of the tape. This way, there is no unnecessary buildup of pressure, which makes venting tape ideal for a fridge or air conditioning system.

While it is the perfect ventilation system tape, vent tape is also regularly used in industries outside of electronics. In the construction industry for instance, a ventilation sealing solution is important when it comes to multiwall sheets for roofing. These need to be sealed from dust and dirt, but this seal should allow condensation and air to flow back out. For this reason, ventilation sealing tape is also often used in construction. A venting solution for membranes is ideal for it’s breathability, whilst still preventing dust, insects or rainwater to enter a structure from the outside.

Breather tape for multiwall sheets

Industrial venting tape from a reliable producer

At Multifoil, adhesives are our core business. From heat-resistant to energy-efficient venting tape: we are always looking for ways to improve and innovate our products. We value quality, so our durable venting tape is tested and validated extensively before we recommend it to our customers. This way, both our customers and our experts can be sure of a perfect end product. Our ventilation duct tape is widely used by our customers worldwide, from DIY-ers to professionals in the construction, automotive and electronics industries.

Aside from providing you with the right kind of adhesive venting tape for every job, our experts are also always available to give out tailormade advise. We understand like no other that every bonding issue is different and requires a different sealing solution. While flexible venting tape can be used for a number of purposes, it is always important to test any adhesive you want to use before starting out. This way you can rest assured that it works well with the bonding surface and the application environment. Looking for more tips and advise on using air ventilation tape? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to share our extensive expertise and knowledge with you and find the right ventilation sealing solution for your product or project.

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We recognize the challenges of selecting the right tape, as it often involves extensive effort.
Let us do the work!

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